Common Sense, The Second Continental Congress And The Declaration Of Independence

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The American Revolution helped shape the desires, the expectation and demand of the American patriots that forced the creation of true representative national government by some basis that were ideological and philosophical. These creations were sought up by men who were independent, logically and intellectually sound. The American Revolution is the ideological and philosophical of what we know today. These include The Enlightenment, Common Sense, the second Continental Congress and The Declaration of Independence. The Enlightenment was the intellectual activity that started in Europe and spread into the colonies. These intellects of the idealism of the Enlightenment was to challenge religious myths and beliefs. “The Enlightenment celebrated rational inquiry, scientific research, and individual freedom. Curious people wanted to dissect the workings of nature by close observation, scientific experiments, and precise calculations” (146). This way of thinking and experiments would further their thoughts in the rational ideas and ideals and set aside religious beliefs. The laws of nature were the manifestation of the Enlightenment that was discovered by Nicolaus Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton. Polish cleric Nicolaus Copernicus was the one that discovered the sun centered solar system. This …show more content…
Richard Henry Lee of Virginia moved “that these United Colonies are, and of right to be, free and independent states” (201). These United Colonies wanted to break away from the command of King George III of England. Besides the statement that Richard Henry Lee made, The Continental Congress voted on the Declaration of Independence. “Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence the as the official statement of the American position” (202). The Declaration of Independence will become the mission statement for the

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