Common Law And Equity Law Essay

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Statements made during the course of negotiations could amount to a contractual term or a representation. It is important to know whether a particular statement is a contractual term or if it is a representation as this will determine
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Common Law and Equity
Common law is a structure used in countries of Anglo-Saxon origin, countries as the United Kingdom and the USA. Common is law is more based in jurisprudence than the written law itself, jurisprudence is the set of interpretations of the written laws. An example of common Law would be a case where people of the same marriage want to get married and they look for previous cases to support their idea where as also the opposition base uses their argument on previous cases and the Judge has the final word.
Considering that the common law rules could not be formed with accurate precision that would solve adequately any contingency, there was the slightly chance that injustices could have happened by using inadequately the principle of the common law. To solve this problem and remediate this problem of injustices the equity law evolved.
The equity law started to evolve when the common law became more consolidated and rigid, strict rules about the gathering of evidences started to create problems and injustices.
Differences between common law and equity are the common law uses money as the only remedy where as equity seeks another juridical remedies or even monetary remedies. Common law uses previous cases to…

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