Coming Out Of The Wilderness By James Baldwin Essay

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James Baldwin “Going to Meet the Man” is a book that consists of several short stories. Throughout the book you will begin to observe that some of his characters share similar personality and characteristics, however they are expressed differently. While reading “Come out of the Wilderness”, I observed some of the similarities Ruth shared with Peter from “Previous Condition”, the narrator from “Sonny’s Blues” and Jesse from “Going to meet the Man”. In addition, Baldwin mainly uses all his characters to illustrate what is it like when you are trapped and what you need to do in order to be free. The perception of acceptance, interracial relationships, imprisonment, and shame is also depicted throughout the book but as you further analyze all his characters, you will notice that some of his characters will remain mentally imprisoned. When reading “Come out of the Wilderness”, the main character of the story is identified as Ruth Bowman, a 26 year old female secretary from the south who is currently romantically involved with a Caucasian man, named Paul, that she knows will soon leave her because there is no hope for marriage. Ruth is trapped and wants to be free but feels like she cannot. She allows the incident that occurred with her father and brother to dictate her relationships with other men. Although Ruth knows that Paul will never marry her or take her seriously, she refuses to leave the relationship, leaving the reader skeptical as too why. Ruth has this desire to be…

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