Combat High By Sebastian Junger Essay

1496 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Do you like war stories or just like subjects about war? There are many ways to depict war, and a person’s perspective of war is a direct channel to it. I have recently read two essays that tell about the author’s experience with war. “Combat High” by Sebastian Junger is the first essay I read. This essay describes how a platoon of US soldiers lived in the deserts in Koregal Valley of Afghanistan, which was first seen in the Newsweek magazine in 2010. The other essay is “The Appeal -- and Danger -- of War Porn” by Jessica Ramirez, which also debuted in the Newsweek magazine in 2010. This essay examines combat footage of the Iraq and Afghanistan war, released via Internet. Both “Combat High” and “The Appeal – and Danger – of War Porn” use rhetorical devices such as imagery, pathos, and ethos to better convey their involvement with war to help American citizens understand what US soldiers experience during war, and shows how it is ethically wrong to display live footage of war. Junger uses imagery and pathos more often and effectively than Ramirez, but when it comes to ethos Ramirez has the upper hand. By now you have probably noticed that all of this looks familiar. This essay is a revised version of the contrast and comparison of the two essays about war. With more elaboration and some arrangements this paper will fill in some spaces that may have been left out before. First we will discuss how Junger and Ramirez uses the rhetorical device, imagery, in both similar and…

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