Colonialism In The Quiet American

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Gabriella Perez
Dr. Cochran
The Quiet American The Quiet American novel is a novel about anti-war. Greene wanted to use the characters and situations to portray what was happening between United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The novel demonstrates how the desire of colonialism built tension between the United States and the Soviet Union changed over time and how it affected the decisions that each country made. Both sides had political differences and wanted to influence them on Vietnam. There are three main characters in the novel that are used to portray what was happening during the Cold War. Fowler is portrayed as a cynical, because the novel first begins explaining that Pyle was murdered, and he denies killing him.
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He graduated from Harvard, and uses his knowledge to analyze the war, and is not willing to change his opinions. He also gives bomb materials to the General The with hopes to help the democracy in French Indochina. The novel begins by mentioning that he was murdered and found under a bridge. He had built a great plan to implement democracy and save Vietnam. Greene used Pyle’s character to portray his believes of the American people. He portrayed Americans as ignorant people who had dangerous ideologies of American policies in Vietnam. Greene also associated Americans with espionage and the killing of innocent people. Phuong has an intimate relationship with both Fowler and Pyle. People perceive her as a prostitute, but she is a quiet woman. She is also a very reserved woman, even though she is with two men. In the novel, Greene used her character to portray Vietnam. Both Pyle and Fowler were trying to tell Phuong what to do, and they both thought that they knew what was best for her. This is an analogy of how the United States and the French thought that they knew what was best for Vietnam. They both wanted to colonize it and implement their political views. In the novel Phuong’s sister was even telling her what to do in a way that seemed that she was directing her life. Phuong’s character was not aware of her surroundings and what was going on with Vietnam. She vulnerable just like …show more content…
Both had opposing political views, and were afraid to fight each other directly. During this time, everyone was afraid that a nuclear war would begin, that’s why they never fought directly. During this time, United States saw that the Soviet Union was try to weaken them by colonizing underdeveloped areas such as Vietnam. “The USSR is effectively exploiting the colonial issue and the economic nationalism of the underdeveloped areas as a means of dividing the non-Soviet world” (CIA Colonization, 2). The USSR made an effort weaken the allies of United States in Europe by supporting Communist parties and creating problems with the UN and associated activities. The Soviet Union tried to stop United States in so many ways, and the novel makes a great example of it by describing how Fowler saw Pyle as a dangerous and an unexperienced threat who had to be stopped at all costs. “He never saw anything he hadn’t heard in a lecture hall, and his writers and lecturers made a fool of him.” (Greene, 32). This is Greene’s way of expressing his anti-American feelings by describing how the American forces were unprepared when they arrived to Vietnam. Greene demonstrates this by explaining how Pyle supplied The with the plastic explosives, that were used to attack people and blame the communists. Fowler found out what Pyle had done, and realized the he did not care about killing innocent people, he just wanted the

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