Essay on Collaborating with Human Service Professionals

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Collaborating with Human Service Professionals

Summary of the Case Mary, a 31-year-old single mother of three children (ages 9, 5, and 3) has been seeing Annabelle, a mental health counselor at a community mental health center for about 4 months. She has become increasingly anxious over past few weeks and reports that she feels frightened all the time, is unable to sleep through the night, and worries that “something horrible is going to happen.” She also admits to having a “couple of drinks” during the evening several times a week. Mary shared during her last session with Annabelle that she is very worried that she is a horrible mother and is afraid that her children will be taken away and placed in foster care.
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This means that interdisciplinary collaboration is part of the ethical standards for all counselors and it states something very similar in the American Psychological Association (APA) code of ethics. Each of these professionals will be working to face their professions ethical guidelines to confidentiality. Such as, with minor children and parents, the child therapist will be working to keep the confidentiality of the children they work with even though the mental health counselor or social worker may not see why it would not be something that the parents should be privy. They may be minors, but only the needed information for the welfare of the children needs to be provided to the parent or other mental health professionals, even within the same agency (Weist, et. al., 2012). They also will see different priorities in the case. The social worker is likely to see the entire family perspective and focus mostly on their welfare and the children’s best interest. The child therapist is likely to focus on the needs of the children. The mental health counselor will most likely focus on the mother and her needs. While the psychologist and psychiatrist are likely to look mostly at the tests and other, data to decide what should be done. However, by combining all of the perspectives the family and working as a whole, they can take care of each of the difficulties that are facing this family

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