Cold War And Soviet Union Essay

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After the Second World War, there was a tension between the two nations, United States and Soviet Union, which led to the Cold War. Despite of the two countries fighting together in Allies against the Axis Power during World War II, there was a rivalry between their powers and ideology. According to, Cold War is “the ideological conflict between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics during the second half of the 20th century.” It’s not the typical war in history where countries militaries are fighting in their lands and taking over other nations. Cold War was a conflict between United States’ capitalism and Soviet Union’s communism. United States believed in capitalism, where the productions are owned by individuals and companies, while Soviet Union believed in communism, where the government holds all productions and there is no privately owned properties. These two countries are known as the superpowers. The two superpowers nations tried to influence their own ideas and beliefs to the other parts of the world.
The Cold War began after the World War II in 1945. Soon after WWII, Europe was divided into two, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Western Europe was under influenced by United States while Soviet Union influenced Eastern Europe. Europe was separated by an “iron curtain”. Both of United States and Soviet Union tried to impose capitalism and communism on various countries. This is often viewed as the beginning of the Cold…

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