Cocaine Is The Most Dangerous Drug Essay

1997 Words Dec 4th, 2016 8 Pages
Cocaine is one of the oldest and the most dangerous drug that migrate through the United States. Studies have proven to show that coca leaves were used to get the heart racing and to speed up the breathing pattern. Coca was also used for religious purposes during ceremonies. There were also rumors saying coca was the cure for depression. In the eighteen hundreds coca was know as the “magical substance”. During these times there wasn’t many people to against a study. There were about five thousand cases of people dying from the effects of cocaine. Although cocaine was known as the rich man drug, by the nineteen hundreds cocaine was no longer a drug of choice for the wealthy. They looked at the drug as something that is far to dangerous. The sophistication of the drug decreased it started to become the addictive poverty stricken drug. Cocaine the main reason for crime and death during this time period. By the late two thousands cocaine is the most trafficked illegal drug in the world. Cocaine is a drug that is derived from the coca leave and is very easy to obtain in today’s criminal justice system. Inmates are able to get just as much drugs as someone who is free. There are so many outside people who are willing to risk their freedom to smuggle drugs into the justice system. Usually an outside source provides the drug and it is given in a power, paste and even a solid rock form. The drug will effect a person “depending on the method with which it is used—smoked,…

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