Essay on Cocaine Addiction And Its Effects On Society And The World

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Cocaine Addiction

This outburst of intellectual, full of informational facts, five page , double spaced paper will blow your mind. Filling you with knowledge and letting go of the curious questions you have in regards to the powder world of cocaine addiction. Solving the crack it has put on society and the world (pun intended). If you don’t know what cocaine is , it is a highly addictive stimulant that is pleasurable but dangerous short term effects on the body, that eventually will cause a long term ramification. The problems referring towards cocaine abuse has an international effect, therefore cocaine is a problem that society can’t ignore. Today in our world cocaine or crack so to speak, are found in just about every city and is used by people , of every kind. Back then , around the 1970’s and 1980’s , cocaine was at its peak. That was the “new cool thing” among the people that could get any luxurious items. Basically the drug option, only the rich and famous got and only they could’ve gotten it. It was a part of someone would say, the “glamourous” drug life a.k.a “Champagne of drugs” .
Just until around 1985 , the arrival of a new form of cocaine started to peak among the streets, a.k.a crack . Crack has more intense and has more rapid effects than the traditional forms of cocaine. As well the fact that is was very much cheaper than the cocaine, it was more accessible to all socioeconomic statuses. As it gotten more obtainable it, it exponentially grew to be…

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