Classical Influence On Current Policies And Politics Essay

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Classical Influence on Current Policies and Politics
In this week’s assignment, we have been asked to compare and contrast at least two of the philosophers discussed in the text. Next we will look at examples of their philosophy being utilized in politics today.
Selected Philosophers For this week’s assignment we are first asked to compare and contrast at least two philosophers that have been covered from our text. The first philosopher I have chosen is Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Trier, Prussia (History, 2016). After attending university studying law and philosophy, Marx became a journalist. After university Marx began writing for a liberal democratic newspaper. In 1847, the newly founded Communist League in London, England, drafted Marx to write “The Communist Manifesto” (History, 2016). Marx‘s philosophy and writing have been categorized as being from the socialism school of thought (IEP, 2016). Thirty years after Marx’s death the 1917 Russian Revolution, which overthrew three centuries of tsarist rule, had its roots in Marxist beliefs. Vladimir Lenin built his new proletarian government based on his interpretation of Marxist thought (History, 2013). The second philosopher I have chosen is the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle lived from 384-322 B.C. and was a student of Plato. Aristotle has had influence throughout the world, in Arabic philosophy, he was known simply as “The First Teacher”; and in the West, he was “The Philosopher”…

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