Essay on Class Systems Based On Money And Values

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The idea of class has been around since the beginning of life itself. It started out as merely an order in the form of a food chain, but as animals and man evolved they developed their own class systems. These include Alpha males and leaders in groups of people. However, man did not stop there. Man took it one step further and put in place a class system based on money and values.
Because of the fact that our class system is based on money and beliefs, there are some obvious elements of culture that convey membership of a person’s class. These include; language, artifacts, jobs, values, behaviors, and rituals. These tend to be a dead give-away of where you are in our class system. For instance, if someone came up to you with a platinum American Express card at a Burberry store and very politely told you that they wanted to buy a certain product, it would be quite obvious that this person is very high in our class system. The point is, no matter what, people can always tell what social class you are a part of. Social class can be found simply from your habits, what city you live in, what kind of house you own, your wants, your needs, your values, how you present yourself, what you tend to invest your money into, your career, your inheritance, all of those things but it is definitely not found in money alone.
“One thing to get clear at the outset is this: it’s not riches alone that defines these classes. ‘It can’t be money,’ one working man says quite correctly, ‘because…

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