Clara Schumann 's Influence On Western Music Essay

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In the 1800’s, the industries of music performance and music composition were broadly dominated by men, as this was traditional and anticipated, not just in recent years, but stemming from centuries prior. The field of music was competitive, and not all who strived for recognition received it because of varying styles and reception of the audiences and because of the supply and demand of varied genres of music at the time. One grand and particularly notable exception to this generalization was a German female composer and performer, Clara Wieck, or later and better known as Clara Schumann. While men certainly aided her success in extensively varied aspects of her career and formation as a musician, including in training, in artistic influences, and in supportive and well-known connections in the industry, she was in no way a simple musician who solely gained fame and the hearts and support of her audience members because of the novelty of praising a rare female composer in a male-driven occupation. Clara Schumann impacted Western music composition because, not only was she a minority in the primarily male-driven business at the time, but she was also highly skilled, extremely creative, and decidedly connected with others who found success in the industry, who challenged and inspired her to continually improve her craft. Born in Leipzig on the thirteenth of September in 1819, Clara Wieck’s musical skills originated from a combination of an inheritance of innate musical…

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