Civil Law And Common Law System Essay examples

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VI-Getting information about cases in civil law and common law system
A-Existing information about Cases in civil law systems People who are not involved in the cases, they cannot achieve any information about those cases that a court decide on it. For instance, the decision keep only in court and between parties. People cannot get information about those cases in any level of court from lower court to higher court because the civil law system, there is much more restricted publication, with an emphasis on important cases to a higher courts, electronic access is much more limited, making court decisions less available to the legal profession and the public at large. Moreover, verdict from civil law system shorter than common law. For instance, French decisions are very brief, written in the style of an extended multi-clause sentence. Therefore, entire people cannot achieve specific information about precedent or a new cases because the court decision is more restrictive. For instance, In Iraqi civil law system is the same court decision is more restricted, those people involve in the case or clerk, and judges can look court decision.
B--existing of information about Cases in common law systems
Achieving information about any cases from the lowest court to the highest court exits for whole people who intends to get information about any case because the common law system is designed more broad than civil law system. In common law countries such as the U.S. and Canada,…

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