Civil Disobedience And Martin Luther King Essay

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There were many times in history when breaking the law has been justified. Great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King broke the law and changed the world to a better one. However, there are numerous philosophers that have argued that because it involves breaking the law, civil disobedience needs special justification. In this paper I will argue how an act of civil disobedience would be valid when a person goes against their country’s laws to do the right thing. First I will discuss what Socrates says about civil disobedience in Plato’s Crito and what I think about it. Second, I will say and clarify why civil disobedience is justifiable when doing the right thing. I will also explain what civil disobedience is as I understand it, as well as the various reasons that can cause an act of civil disobedience and how this can be and has been beneficial to our society.
Many people, like Plato, thought that Socrates was the most ethical person in Athens; he lived to teach good principles and died for them as well. In Plato’s Crito, Socrates argues that it is never correct to break the law, even if the law does not treat you right. He also says that people are obligated to follow the law in order to give back for all the benefits that the state gives to the people. Socrates uses this to explain to Crito that because he is leaving under the state he has to stand by its laws, and that is why he has to stay in prison waiting to be killed for an unjust cause.
In my opinion, I…

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