Cigarette Smoke And The Environment Essay

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Cigarettes & the Environment

As we all know cigarettes are a great danger to our health, what many people probably didn’t know is that it has a great effect on the environment also. Cigarettes are the number one item that turns up in waste and littered trash. They keep it pushed under the rug with the bad effects it causes on the environment due to the large gross of money the companies receive from people purchasing them. In this essay I will try and persuade my readers to put a stop to cigarette smoke and the buds, and take me up on my solution to fix the problem to mainly help the environment and someone else’s health.

Cigarette smoke contains up to 4,000 chemicals. In 2004, according to a small Italian study lead by Giovanni Invernizzi from the Tobacco Control Unit of Italy 's National Cancer Institute in Milan found that air pollution that comes from cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust. Now there are thousands of people in this world that drive cars that take diesel, yet alone the hundreds of truck companies around the world that send trucks on the road all around the country to deliver and receive products. And still cigarette smoke is 10 times worst? Many people think global warming is a joke, or in other words of what they call it now “Climate Control”. Cigarettes alone deeply hurt the environment from the beginning stage of growing the plant, to the manufacturing process, and also until you are finish smoking and flicking that…

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