Christopher Columbus 's The New World Essay

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Christopher Columbus landed in the new world in 1492, he discovered a group of peoples and named them Indians. The Natives seemed to be uncivilized and lack humanism, often thought to be savages. However, the English were the real savages in their crusade to inflict their religion on anyone who wasnt English. Indians were unevolved compared to the mighty English. At this point Native Americans have yet to discover the horse. Due to the primal behaviors of the Indians, hunting and farming was not as developed as the English. Before the integration of domesticated animals into America, they farmed and hunted instinctually and impractically. The adoption of cows, horses and sheep changed everything Native Americans knew about harvesting and herding animals. This adaption revolutionized the lifestyles of Native Americans which would lead to a more efficient form of living.
Indians at this time were nomadic, which means they followed herds of animals. They carried around basic supplies to set up temporary villages while they preyed on herds of bison or buffalo. This way of living was not made for permanent residency. Meaning they could not build a structural home or be allowed to raise and care for domesticated animals. It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th century that plains indians began to live a semi-sedentary lifestyle where they would learn to farm, and set up permanent settlements.
Native Americans in the New world did not understand the process of herding and raising…

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