Christopher Columbus : The Man Who Discovered That The Earth Essay

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In modern day Christopher Columbus is still very relevant today as teachers teach their students with history mentioning Columbus. Because of this, Columbus is a very well-known person and people remembered him as the man who discovered that the Earth wasn’t flat. During the year 1492, Christopher Columbus has set a twelve-year period voyage and later discovered the Caribbean, Central, and South America. The purpose of his voyages is to find a sea route to the East and this made Europe benefit from it because it was a cheaper way to transport goods and riches rather than the route in Asia. He also wanted the natives to convert to Christianity. Many Europeans during that era considered Columbus a hero and that even today America recognize him by and made his day very special with a holiday so people can celebrate his achievements. Yet, in contrast, Catalina De Erause (Lieutenant Nun) seems that many people do not know her. She wasn’t taught by teachers, unlike Columbus. But in her memoir she had to do more than just discovery the New World. She had to become a different person. To adapt and recreate her own identity by being masculine. Many times she was placed in dreadful situations where she murders men and tries to run away from the law. Catalina also had to take different job offerings to survive the world she’s living in. One could say Columbus effortlessly didn’t have to try because of his gender identity and Catalina had to do so because she is a woman. In a society…

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