Essay on Christopher Columbus : A True Hero Or A Villain?

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The image that Christopher Columbus gives to many individuals is the image of the man who ‘discovered’ the New World. His stumble onto the Americas during his Great Voyage, had a great impact on the history that was yet to come. However, many individuals question whether Christopher Columbus was a true hero or a villain. While some historians view him as a man-slaughtering villain, other individuals prefer to praise him for his help in beginning colonization in the Americas. Many of Columbus’s actions towards the Native Americans in the New World have evoked controversy among many. The question of Columbus’s reputation truly lies in whether his actions were those of a true hero or of a true villain. For decades, children have been taught of Christopher Columbus’s great discovery, but have managed to leave out what he had to do in order to conquer that land. Christopher Columbus and his men utilized slavery and inhumane acts in order to eradicate the groups of Native Americans that had possession of the land prior to them. These brutal actions towards the indigenous people helped Christopher Columbus gain the reputation of being a murderer among some critics. In those critics of Columbus’s reputation stand many ethnic minorities. Like mentioned in Gerald McKevitt’s article, ethnic minorities have “condemned Columbus as a villain” for “feeling victimized by the past and ignored by historians” (McKevitt, Gerald. “Christopher Columbus as a Civic Saint: Angelo Noce and Italian…

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