Essay on Christianity And Its Impact On The Western World

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This change in thinking from the old Greek philosophers to Augustine would have a large impact because in the Western world, Christianity was taking root of most major cultures and the church behind this was the Catholic Church, of whom Augustine was a very important figure. His writings became the basis of Catholic doctrine and lasted for hundreds of years in the same way Aristotle and his works impacted the western world for so long. Now the main beliefs held throughout Europe and affecting most of the thinkers we read about up into the Enlightenment went off of Augustine’s teachings. The God-centric view of achieving such great feats as true happiness only through devotion and righteousness in the eyes of God became universal in the Catholic Church and as such throughout Europe for hundreds of years. However, there would be a shift back from happiness being something you can 't control to a more self-achieving idea when introduced to new thinkers such as Hegel and Nietzsche.
Nietzsche developed a philosophy that seems to go against everything that Augustine wrote about and while he and Aristotle agreed on some points, Nietzsche disagreed on a vital point which made his ideas new and much more based on the person.
Nietzsche doesn’t talk about the idea of happiness and what it is directly, but it can be inferred from his discussion about the master- slave dynamic and how that factors in with his idea of “ascetic ideals.” He goes into great length about what is the dynamic…

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