Essay on Christianity And Its Impact On The Middle East

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Christianity has been viewed in a verity of ways since its initial inception in the Middle East in the mid first century as a branching off of Jewish sect lead by Jesus Christ, to its eventual indoctrination into Roman culture. The impact of the integration of Christianity on the Roman public and Provenience as well as the Imperial family and art of the time changed vastly through the centuries. Beginning with a small group of followers of a divine human, to what established Christianity among the major religions still practiced today. (return to this thesis) The beginnings of what was to be known as Christianity began in Judea a Roman Provence following the teachings and preachings of Jesus of Nazareth, in the first century as a deviation of the Jewish belief that was practiced yet mistrusted by Romans. Though throughout Rome the Imperial Cult was the main religion this being the belief that the imperial family of Rome where place holders for the gods and should therefor be treated as such. ( touch lightly on the imperial religion). Christianity shares many similarities with Judaism, a belief in a one true god who has always existed and transcends life and death, and the belief in prayer to their god rather then sacrifice that was enforced in the Imperial religion. The major differentiation between Judaism and Christianity was that aside from a one true god, there is a father, Son and Holy spirit that accompany God. Though (facets) of Judaism incorporates concepts of…

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