Christian Values And Beliefs, By William E. Cross Nigrescence Model Accurately By An African American Woman

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Who am I? That’s a question that I have yet to find the answer to. I know that I identify with Christian values and beliefs. I am of African descent, because that’s what my skin color indicates. But, who am I? The complexity of that question is profound and I feel pressured to have an answer, but I don’t. I don’t believe that I’ll have the answer within the next few months or the next few years. However, through the experiences that I’ve encountered and the assistance of developmental theories, I can begin to unravel myself to expose the core of my true being.
Childhood experiences stay with us all our lives, even the bad ones. Unfortunately, my childhood memories are overshadowed by the dreadful circumstances that I had to endure. These circumstances have played an integral part in my continuous development as an African American woman. William E. Cross Nigrescence Model accurately depicts the different stages of development that have impacted my viewpoint of what it means to be an African American woman growing up in the south.
The Nigrescence Model is composed of five stages: Pre-encounter, Encounter, Immersion/Emersion, Internalization, and Internalization-Commitment (Evans, Forney, Guido, Patton, & Renn, 2010). Understanding this model and how it integrates with my life is crucial to understanding who I am as a person. The pre-encounter stage refers to the initial circumstances before an individual faces the encounter stage and the individual is unaware of his/her…

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