Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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Many persons who expiries thoughts of aspirations with a show of emotions; which means a lack of care for the feelings of others, often create negative opinions of themselves. Furthermore, if these individuals belong to a culturally sensitive society, such behaviors may socially and/or physically but the other residents as the communities fall. Therefore, on reading Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart there is reason to develop an understanding that the author is making readers aware of being culturally sensitive in all aspects of life so that modesty will be maintained.
Due to Okonkwo’s behavior and actions of happen masculinity, he failed; his society which he lures meets with conflict; the people appeared to have preferences for the culture and system that Okonkwo doesn’t like. Determination must accompanied by reasoning which he doesn’t portray. Okonkwo’s behavior and actions of hyper-masculinity lead to his expressions of beliefs with which many or most of his clansmen do not agree. He must show his strength, and he shows no respect for anyone, even his father, who is not willing to fight. Okonkwo boasts of being the victor in the wrestling match with Amalizne the cat. In a show of strong masculine culture, he kills a young man, ikefuma, who belongs to another tribe with which there is a conflict.
There are persons in the community where the culture of Okonkwo exists; they have advised him to accept the fact there is need for change in actions and behaviors as time…

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