Essay about China 's Criminal Justice System

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sample statistics, among those who have served a term of imprisonment, 4-6% of them committed a

crime again after release “(Lect law, 2015:1). However, there are some major con 's in China 's criminal

justice system.

One major con in China 's criminal justice system is that people under arrest or

interrogation have little to no rights. “China 's criminal justice system is steeply tilted in favor of the

police and prosecutors. The vast majority of cases turn on confessions by suspects who have no access

to defense lawyers until long after interrogation, if ever. Defense lawyers are powerless to do much

except argue for a lesser sentence” (Facts and Details, 2013:1).. “Convictions are all but assured

“(Facts and Details, 2013:1). Another con in China 's criminal justice system is even though China 's

constitution is similar to the United States; China 's police make their own laws and ignore their


China 's police are known for their police brutality. “Chinese police are notorious for

flouting the rules and arresting people planning to give testimonies the authorities don 't want to hear.

They routinely use torture to extract confessions, although, under Chinese law, confessions obtained

through torture is inadmissible in court “(Facts and Details, 2013:1). This has been a major problem

in China throughout the years and it needs to be fixed. To resume, I will now explain why I feel that the…

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