Children 's Growth Is Not A Unidirectional Adaptation Essay

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From the very first moments after birth, infants start interacting with a world that is brand new to them: a social world based on communication and the different forms it takes (Clark, 2016: 21). Among these, language is one of the most significant. It is thought that, even prior to birth, children are able to absorb language from their mothers (McElroy, 2013) and, once they are born, they begin the continuous metamorphosis that will transform them into adults. It is important to note that children’s growth is not a unidirectional adaptation process to the adult world, but it also entails the adaptation of adults to the infants around them, which often occurs unconsciously. This is particularly noticeable from a linguistic point of view, as it is possible to observe how the language of adults adapts to the presence of children: this phenomenon is referred to as child-directed speech (Van Dijk & Van Geert, 2011). This paper aims to identify and discuss some aspects of children grammatical development, the main features of child-directed speech and how it evolves according to the developmental stage reached by kids and the consequent identification and analysis of such features in three transcripts.
Review of the literature.
In order to conduct an investigation on the linguistic features displayed in the aforementioned dataset, it is necessary to provide a literary background of the characteristics of first language acquisition and child-directed speech.…

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