Essay about Children Who Have An Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis face multiple challenges in their lives, but one could argue the deficit that affects the most areas of their lives is the child 's inability to communicate functionally. This failure can lead to deficits in social interaction, requesting abilities, and an increase in maladaptive behaviors. Functional Communication Training (FCT) includes multiple active communication interventions commonly implemented into children with ASD treatment plans. One of the interventions that fall under the FCT umbrella is a picture identification system. Will the implementation of a Functional Communication Training, specifically picture identification, intervention into the treatment plan of a three-year-old boy, with Autism Spectrum Disorder, increase his communication and requesting abilities?
In their article Lord, Cook, Leventhal, Bennett, and Amaral (2000) laid out the defining characteristics exhibited by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, a point they seemed to be accentuating was the idea that Autism Spectrum Disorder often presents itself differently. No two children with Autism diagnoses are going to exhibit the exact same behaviors. That being said, to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder, there have to be some fundamental behavioral/social "markers." One of the "markers" is a deficit in social communication. Social communication deficits are often the red flag that cause parents to consider the idea that…

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