Children Run, Jump, Play And Sometimes Get Hurt Essay

1148 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
Children run, jump, play and sometimes get hurt. As they get older they may being to participate in sports. They begin to take risk to explore their boundaries. By the age of sixteen they are driving cars and participating in activates where an adult may or may not be present. All of these activities increase the risk of injury. At some point during the child’s development and growth they will get hurt. Maybe it’s falling out of the bed, getting a tooth knocked out or spraining an ankle at soccer practice. What is the big deal, right? That’s just a part of growing up, kids will be kids. Maybe your son or brother gets a concussion during a football game, or a young girl driving to school for the first time gets in to a car accident and ends up in the E.R. On the surface this may seem unimportant because accidents happen all the time and kids usually recover just fine, you may think. What happens when accidents end with more serious injuries, permanent disabilities or even death? Could some of them be avoided all together? This paper will take a look at the statistics of childhood injuries, cost and prevention education. Each day many families are faced with the horrible tragedy that there child is one of the two dozen children that die each day from an injury that was unintended. In addition to deaths from unintended injury, Each year millions of children in the United States are forced to live with the injuries that change their lifes forever. These children may be…

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