Essay on Childhood Obesity And How It Is A Growing Concern

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Childhood obesity is a growing concern across the United States. Individuals whom live in low income neighborhoods may live in a “food desert” and have limited access to supermarkets with healthy food options (Thomsen, Nayga, Alviola, & Rouse, 2016). This study focused on “food deserts” and the part it could play in the increase of childhood BMI using a “statewide panel data set of Arkansas elementary schoolchildren” (Thomsen et al., 2016). Food desert and BMI are defined within the introduction.

Comments: The introduction flows well and lists not only the key terms and the justification for the study, but the limitations to the study as well.

Literature Review:

The literature review focuses on 1) Childhood obesity and how it is a growing concern with in the United States. 2) Food desert status for low-income families and children. 3) Food deserts and the role they may play in contributing to childhood weight gain. 4) Limitations to the study and holes in the literature, such as the challenges to find a link between BMI and food deserts.

Comments: The literature review was detailed and broken into two parts by the use of subheadings. The subheading helped to organize the literature review, by starting with the most important topics and funneling down to the limitations/holes in existing literature.

Hypothesis/objective: 1) Seeing if there is a correlation between low-income food desert status and an increase…

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