Child Trafficking : A Horrible Crime That Goes On Under American Citizens Noses

1483 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Child trafficking is a horrible crime that goes on under American citizens noses. This crime has a large industry in America and many other countries. People need to understand how to identify a child that has been a victim of human trafficking and they need to know the physical and emotional consequences a child can have due to this crime. First one must understand why child trafficking exist and what it consists of. Understanding where the children come from is also very important and how it happens. Many Americans are unaware of how many children are being kidnapped and sold here and to other countries in present day, but as a nation, has the duty to protect their children but first need to understand the criminal to be able to fight back. Why does child trafficking exist? Traffickers want to gain profit from exploiting innocent victims from forced labor or commercial sex. Trafficker can be anyone “traffickers and their victims share the same national, ethnic, or cultural background, allowing the trafficker to better understand and exploit the vulnerabilities of their victims. Traffickers can be foreign nationals and U.S. citizens, males and females, family members, intimate partners, acquaintances, and strangers.” (NHTRC). They are based on high profit industry and low risk victims. The International Labour Organization stated that “two thirds of the estimated total of US$ 150 billion, or US$ 99 billion, came from commercial sexual exploitation, while another US$ 51…

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