Child Protective Services ( Cps ) Essay

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A present problem that Child Protective Services (CPS) faces with a majority of their caseloads, which is drugs. In one particular case stuck with me. This family had both parents, mom and dad, two brothers, ages 16 and 14, and a sister age 12. Both the mother and father had been abusing drugs for some time now. With the drug abuse present, and not trying to conceal their exposer, the mother and father were also very aggressive as well. For the mother it was a combination of drug abuse and she suffered from bipolar I, it made her verbally aggressive. The father was only physically and verbally aggressive when he is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The reason CPS was referred was for domestic violence that was currently occurring outside the home. By the time CPS arrived, State Police was already at the home and the father in handcuffs, as he tried to fight with the cops as well. Both parents were heavy under the influence of drugs hours after abusing drugs. All three children were removed from the home that night. Currently the children are in a kinship home placement. Contrary to popular belief, drug addiction rarely starts because a person has “felt like it” or because it was “cool.” Drug addiction is linked to mental health problems. On the biological variable of the bio-psychosocial factors, mental disorders are a huge problem many clients have to deal with. However, with the lack of health care, drugs are the only way to cope with those problems. Also, it is…

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