Child Protective Services ( Cps ) Essay

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Child protective services (CPS) is a particular social service provided by Department of

Human Resources. It is a division within State and local social services and which is at the core

of every community’s child protection efforts to support neglected or abused children by parents

or other adults having permanent or temporary care or custody, or parental responsibility. The

CPS also offers services to family members who need intervention to reduce risk of continuing

physical, sexual or mental abuse or neglect (MD..). The history of child protection can be,

according to Myers, divided in three eras. The first era which extends from colonial times to

1875, was a period where “the legal basis for effort to protect needy children rested on the

English Poor Law of 1601 and which placed public responsibility for the poor in the hand of

townspeople” (Schene, n.d). The second era extents from 1875 to 1962 and saw the making and

evolution of organized child protection through nongovernmental child protection societies

known as “anticruelty societies.” Lastly, the year 1962 marks the beginning of the modern era,

the era of government-sponsored child protective services in which for the first time, child

protection services were offered across the country (Myers, 2008).
Child Protective Services has for mission to respond and investigate child maltreatment, to protect children from abuse and neglect, to keep families together when possible and…

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