Child Policy Is Not A Social Problem Essay

1596 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
After more than 30 years long One-child policy in China, not only the social aging problem is increasingly serious, the phenomenon of the shrinking labor supply is far more than people’s imaging. Now Chinese kids can finally no longer alone. One-child policy became history. Chinese government implemented the new two-child policy, and the law comes into effect on January first 2016. Two-child policy is not accidental, it is the possible solution of the problems that come from one-child policy, but it also makes some serious social problems. More background information, Voice of America reports, in 2013, the Chinese government has partially allowed families to have two children in some cities under some specific conditions. And that was couples where either the husband or the wife is from a single child family is allowed (Huang). However, “only 5% to 10% couples to do so”, according to the BBC Chinese website (Dong). But this time, every Chinese couple can have their second baby with no constraint. One reason the government made the policy is that they want to optimize the demographic structure, that means increase the current low birth rate, and make the unbalanced sex ratio at birth return to normal. But the negative effects are the government made from the earlier one-child policy. Zhou Xiaozheng, a sociology professor at Renmin University said, “the original culture that more children are better now changing to the culture have no child. Many people admire DINK family,…

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