Child Is Learning Science And The Topic Is Pressure And Its Influence Upon Fluid Behavior

1271 Words Jul 14th, 2015 null Page child is learning science and the topic is pressure and its influence upon fluid behavior , maybe build a water gun to show how Bernoulli 's equation can be used to calculate pressure of a fluid.

Although it is notorious that children learn at different rate, the school system insist (INSISTS) in labeling the children who are not performing to the level of which the teachers decide that is the "normal”. As I mentioned earlier, my younger child did not speak before 3 years of age. The majority of children start to speak at a much younger age but from our experience it when a child start to speak will not determine how smart they will be. At schools, the teachers need to have 25 children progressing at similar rates.
A homeschool parent should always start by providing their children with a variety of assessments to determine their children’s abilities and provide them with activities that enhance their education. Although it is convenient for parents to teach a few of their children the same subject at the same time, parents should provide them with alternative activities and curriculum content that the student has not yet mastered. My children are 2 years apart. They had science and history using the same curriculum. I differentiated by addressing their personal interests.
Also, the activities can be of varying complexity. Remember, there is no deadline for homeschoolers. Accelerate or decelerate the pace and stay on the…

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