Child Abuse And Our Society Essay

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Child Abuse and Our Society It seems so hard to stop child abuse because everyone has a different idea on what “abuse” is. According to the dictionary, abuse is to treat (a person or animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. Some might argue that hitting a child on the bottom with a belt is okay if they are disciplined for their wrong-doing. Others argue that spanking a child is abuse and there are other ways to discipline. So, where do you draw a line between discipline and abuse? If you spank a child on the bottom several times over layers of diaper and clothing, are you abusing them? Probably not. They may not like it, but it isn’t abuse. If you roughly spank a child and leave a bruise, you are affecting their health and welfare, which is considered child abuse, whether that be from punishment or a parent simply lashing out (Mufson 26). “Investigation by child protective services agencies in 49 U.S. states determined that in 1995 more than 1 million children victims of child abuse and neglect.” (Nadelson 13). “Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse.” ( We hear of it all too often. A child is abused to the point of death. It is sad, and heartbreaking, and there isn’t enough happening done to prevent it. Child abuse has a huge impact on our society. There is not enough being done to stop it and there is more that we can do to prevent it. There are many different types of abuse, but there are 5 main…

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