Chicana And The United States Essay

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Chicana refers to Americans of Mexican origin living in the United States while Latina refers to Americans of Spanish and other countries origin living in the United States. Latino is a term that refers to a mixture/combination of people from various countries, for example, Brazil, Portuguese, and Spain, etc. who are living in the United States. Therefore, the two groups have their origins somewhere else, but they both live in the United States and constitute the large general group referred to as Americans. Chicanas and Latinas have faced several challenges in their stay in the United States. The Americans who have their origin in the United States did not easily accept the two groups who originated from Mexico and other countries respectively. The Chicana and Latina have been racially discriminated and denied several rights. The people of the United States they did not recognize them as Americans. They were viewed as different groups more of refugees who have migrated from their countries to seek refuge in the United States. The Latino group is said to be the most minority group in the United States. Due to the mixture of several origins, it is very difficult to tell their identity of the Latinos. The diversification of their race becomes very difficult for them to form a unified race.
The Chicana popular culture has made a permanent identity mark on the American culture through music such as the Santana and Los Lobos and other literature tales. They have also acted…

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