Gender Inequality In Mad Men

Chauvinism People today in modern-society have no idea how unequal and injustice life was around the 1960s and even before that time period. One particular group that stood out the most, which were criticize, ridicule, and easily dismiss, were women. The women endure and fought so much for the ambition of one day to be able to vote, have freedom, and be equal as a man. “The Yellow Wall-Paper”, by Charlotte Perkins Stetson demonstrates how women were treated too delicately and too cautious to the point where the males kept them closed off from the outside world. Giving readers the aspect of how the existence of women were controlled by males due to their incapability. As a matter fact, in Mad Men, the Six Month Leave episode displays how replaceable …show more content…
Both works where these two female characters reside in showed readers the discrimination and unfairness they endure. Those eras showed how men depicted women because they were considered frail and vulnerable. Ann Oakley author of “Beyond the Yellow Wallpaper” lectures that the solutions to inequality were not as easy as people stated merely satisfying one group of people whether being race, gender, or religion just to overlook the other was not even close to what equality truly was. Oakley emphasizes that women held a key role in society since women were the ones that bare and care for the children that would later on become leaders of the future. The fact that women were not recognize and not taken seriously for their roles is absurd and injustice. “The second myth is that inequalities between men and women are surface blemishes…removed merely by cosmetic attention to the superstructure of social relations…” (Oakley 29). It is truly astonishing as to why some people would think that inequality are just outer defects that women carry. When in fact it not only scarred females physically, but mentally and emotionally. What truly is a myth was how society structured identities into people. Oakley wants readers to understand that inequality between genders was to not be taken as a silly matter; she believed that women should have been given equal titles just like men had. Women are not far superior to men as neither are men superior that women Oakley desires for women to not take advantage or be taken advantage of. All Betty and Jane wanted was to be equally viewed by their husbands, not to be confined or suppressed. Moreover, Oakley emphasizes that women would no longer stay in place as society or males wanted them to be. She writes, “[W] omen are not simply prone to suffer from the last vestiges of an

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