Essay about Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales

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Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, shows many different perceptions towards marriage. Marriage in The Chaucer’s time meant a union between spirit and flesh and was part of the marriage between Christ and the Church. The Canterbury Tales show many abuses of this sacred bond, one example of corruption in marriage is The Miller’s Tale. This tale is a web of deceit and adultery, it is obvious in this story that almost each of these characters show complete disregard to the institution of marriage. Nicholas boldly tries to seduce Alison when John goes out of town, grabbing her by the hips and pressing his hands between her thighs. Alison puts up mild resistance, but is soon persuaded to become his lover (Miller’s Tale ln 182). She points out that her husband is very jealous and that they will have to be very careful as they conduct their affair. Alison’s husband loved her more than his own life, although he felt foolish for marrying her since she was so young. This turned and led him to keep a close watch on her. The Miller’s main point in his story is that if a man obtains what he wants from God or from his wife, he won’t ask questions or become jealous. The miller feels that the male is after his own sexual pleasure and doesn’t concern himself with how his wife uses her "privetee" as pointed out in lines 55-58

Another story which contains the same traditional values of view of marriage is The Wife of Bath’s Tale. The wife of bath has a carefree attitude towards marriage. In…

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