Charles Dickens 's A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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The characters in a Tale of Two Cities by, Charles Dickens have the capability to choose their own fate, through the actions they do throughout the novel. They control a major part of their own lives, but they are still easily influenced by their surroundings. There are some situations in which they must succumb to their pre-determined destinies and must accept their fate. Forces around them play an immense part in making them choose a particular decision, which leads them to a variety of distinctive outcomes in their lives. One decision made by a character can cause a chain reaction that causes every other character’s fate for be altered forever. Each character is able to determine their own fate, but it’s a matter of the choices they do, which ultimately causes their destiny.

Charles Darnay makes a certain decision, which ultimately leads to his demise. He chooses to go to France, even though he knows that the revolution is taking place. He wasn’t forced to go but with his own free will decides to make the journey. Forces around him persuaded him to make the journey, such as Monsieur Gabelle in prison and his inheritance being taken over by the revolutionaries. He thinks he will be safe because he hasn’t done anything wrong, but doesn’t realize that the revolutionaries only care about seeing blood shed and nothing else. “That he had watched the times, for a time of action, and that they had shifted and struggled until the time had gone by, the nobility were…

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