Charles Dickens ' The Crowd Essay

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I notice that throughout Darnay’s trial, Dickens refers to the spectators as “flies.” Dickens compares the jury members to flies since they swarm towards Darnay and buzz excitedly during the trial. Like a fly watching his food, the spectators hungrily watch the trial and eagerly await Darnay’s death sentence. Dickens emphasizes how the jury members seem like animals when they continuously buzz at the exciting parts in the trial and fall silent when they are disinterested. Dickens’ description of the spectators suggests that they see the court trial as entertainment.

I notice that Dickens introduces chapter 5 by describing the spilling of the wine cask. Immediately, the people present in the street rush over to lick the wine off the ground. The villagers are so poor that they go to extreme measures just to taste a drop of wine. Though the incident appears pitiful at first, the citizens soon start to sing and dance together happily. Dickens indicates how despite the poverty in the town, the citizens still find ways to be festive and make the most of what they receive.

On page 52, as Dickens describes the prisoner’s odd hand movements once he does not have a shoe to hold, he reveals the abrupt, awkward nature of the shoemaker through polysyndeton. Dickens states the shoemaker’s individual movements with “and” in between them which leads the sentence to sound choppy. The polysyndeton enhances how strange and unnatural the prisoner’s movements appear to the onlookers.


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