Charles Dickens ' A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities observes the growth of the French Revolution as it effects the cities Paris and London, and specifically focuses on the impact it holds for a family and those in their lives. When Charles Darnay is arrested for the last time, Sydney Carton sacrificially takes the place of Darnay who has been sentenced to death. Carton’s journey is illustrated in the “Six Tumbrils Roll and Rumble” passage, where the passage of the carts that are carrying the prisoners to the Guillotine for execution is described. Through this, the reader is effectively placed at the end– both the end of the life cycle by discussing the approaching event of death and also establishing the beginning of the end of the story as the novel draws to its conclusion. The end of the book allows for the reader to take action on what they have just read and this particular passage invites the reader to consider how by one’s individual actions, overall social change is able to be brought about.
The passage begins with the description of the “death-carts”, the diction of “death” immediately placing the readers at the end of the life cycle (Line 1). This cyclical imagery is not only present throughout the book, but its presence in this passage holds significance as it paints the picture of Sydney’s impending death and opens the idea of the ending of one cycle provides for the beginning of another. This is shown through Sydney’s death allowing for the happy survival of the…

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