Comparison Of Charge Of The Light Brigade And The Raven

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Poets use various poetic devices in their pieces to express more meaning than the words do alone. Each poem is different in the way it uses these poetic devices and illustrates an idea. Alfred Lord Tennyson and Edgar Allen Poe are two great poets with very different styles of poetry. Despite using some of the same literary techniques, they each incorporate poetic devices to express meaning in their poems. Both Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade” and Poe’s “The Raven” use narrative, repetition, sound, and symbols to bring the readers into their stories.
“Charge of the Light Brigade” is a narrative poem that tells the story of the Light Brigade of the British forces as they attack the Russian forces. One of the British leaders miscommunicates
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“The Raven” chronicles the story of a raven visiting a man in his chamber one night. The man, who seems to be missing a woman named Lenore, is sitting in his chamber when a raven pays him a visit. Like “Charge of the Light Brigade”, this story could have been written as a short story or a picture book. However, Poe wrote this story as a poem to express the emotions that the man felt and to allow the reader to experience that night with him. “The Raven” is more open-ended that a normal book would be. This forces the reader to infer who this man is and what happened to Lenore. Reading this poem and hearing the raven “rapping at [the man’s] chamber door” brings in the emotions that are running through the man’s head and allows the reader to interpret them (line 9). A major observation in this poem is that the raven is in the man’s chamber for a while and he begins to go crazy as a result of this bird’s stay. A shorter poem would not have had the slow, drawn-out pacing that this narrative has. Poe’s use of a narrative form exaggerates the anxious and longing feelings that this man is experiencing. This is how Poe uses a narrative to tell the story of this man and his “lost Lenore” (line …show more content…
This poem is written in dactylic dimeter with a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllable. This meter creates a rhythm that mimics troops marching to battle. The sound and rhythm lulls along throughout the poem and puts the reader into the formation with the Light Brigade. Periodically, Tennyson breaks the meter and creates awkward tension by disrupting the rhythm. When the reader hears the broken meter in the poem, they can sense that something is not right. This emotions relates to the troops as they start to realize they have been led astray and are heading to certain death. Tennyson also implements alliteration to increase the intensity of this poem. The poem reads “Theirs but to do and die” and “Stormed at with shot and shell” (line 15 and 22). These harsh sounding words emulate the intense war scene that the Light Brigade is facing. Tennyson’s use of sounds in his poem help the reader to experience the Charge of the Light

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