Essay about Characters Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet is about the son of a former king, whom is seeking revenge for the murder of his father. In turn, his motive to act affects the actions and the fate of everyone in the play. William Shakespeare utilizes several characters as foils: These are minor characters that reflect some aspect of the protagonist. One of the foils is Laertes. He uses Laertes to reveal several character elements of Prince Hamlet. In fact, Hamlet and Laertes both love Ophelia, prove their masculinity, and want to seek revenge for the death of their fathers. Shakespeare uses Laertes as a foil for Prince Hamlet because they reflect actions that influence their fate.
Laertes and Hamlet’s fate rely on their expression of love for Ophelia. As a matter of fact, they are both trying to be protective to Ophelia. Laertes is being protective to his sister by warning her not to fall in love with Hamlet. According to Laertes, Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet is “Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting.” (Shakespeare 1.3.8) This implies that Hamlet is unlike any other ordinary men who can get early to fall in love too. In other words, Prince Hamlet, as he is part of the political dynasty, has a responsibility to his countrymen: Laertes mentions:
His greatness [weighed], his will is not his own.
For he himself is subject to his birth:
He may not, as [unvalued] persons do,
Carve for himself, for on his choice depends
The sanity and health of this whole state… (1.3.17-21)
Laertes respects and…

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