Characteristics Of Social Exchange, Cooperation, Competition, And Conflict

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In every society there are four main characteristics: social exchange, cooperation, competition, and conflict. According to sociologist, this are characteristics that distinguish societies in today 's world. Culture is a very imperative part of society; without it, we would not know how to survive. There are many cultures around the world and within the cultures there are certain norms, established rules, that need to be followed. Cultures, like the San, have a variety of norms. Those norms make up their culture and with them they guide themselves through life. The norms they hold make up what they are today and who they will be tomorrow. The San, often referred to as“Bushmen”or Basarwa, are indigenous, hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa. Their territories are: Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Because of multifarious whether in regions, the San are a nomadic tribe. They adapt themselves to living in the desert by living in small nomadic bands.They communicate with clicks, IXam dialect and only live with things that are essential to them. They do not have more than what they need because when they move they would not be able to take such things with them. This culture, at first seems as an educated groups that just survives with luck, but it is quite the contrary. Even though, they may not know how to read and write in modern languages they can speak to each other with simple clicks. They make different sounds with: lips, teeth, cheeks, and…

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