Characteristics Of Dark Romanticism In The Great Gatsby

Edgar Allan Poe’s dark outlook on life and love can be seen as the main source of inspiration to many other horror writers, but the influence expands much farther to writings not commonly perceived as dark such as The Great Gatsby. Typically viewed as the optimistic message for the American Dream, F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby shares the characteristics of Dark Romantic literature by involving death, the pain of lost love, lies, obsession, and the sorrowfulness of reality. These topics do not stand out in the novel because Fitzgerald has masked the whole situation with wealth, parties, and the uplifting atmosphere of the Jazz Age. By creating this façade, Fitzgerald exemplified the true meaning behind his novel. Edgar Allan Poe’s …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has significant grim traits to be considered a literary piece influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. The hidden reality of the 1900th century novel is what is comparable to the dark works of Poe. Romanticising death allowed Poe to be the inspiration of others, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, who created a character in which romance lead to his death. The fact obsession was a main point brought up by both literary works, makes The Great Gatsby be seen as conveying a more complex plot. Having an untrue perspective on how their lives were playing out, Poe’s situation and Gatsby 's life were made up of the false reality in their minds. Mentioning this idea in his novel, Fitzgerald incorporates the hopeless themes portrayed in Poe’s Dark Romantic writing. Emphasizing Gatsby’s love for Daisy, which is a love she was not going to return, shows how the influence of Poe is utilized. Giving reasons to why the genre of Romance is not always what it seems, Poe showed there are dark sides to every story, even the happier ones. Poe storylines included death and the beauty he associated with it after many years of suffering. Though not made apparent to Jay Gatsby, his suffering with the loss of Daisy’s love made him become better, which emphasizes the darker meaning that is hidden within the text. Multiple people have idolized Fitzgerald for having The Great Gatsby set an example for a way to achieve the desired American Dream. Disguising the underlying truth of the novel with the all-American life, Fitzgerald was able to make the darker themes stand out more, once there is realization they are there. Poe’s common aspects associated with his writings such death, love, falsehood, and obsession, when compared to the same topics in The Great Gatsby, reveals how much Dark Romanticism Fitzgerald incorporated into the text. While Poe is seen as basic foundation for American horror and has been inspiration

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