Character Analysis Of Holden In The Catchen In The Rye

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-The story begins on a December Sunday after classes at Pencey Prep school in Argerstown, Pennsylvania

-Holden gets the “ax” for failing all of his classes except for English. (He has already failed out of three other schools)

-Holden is told that he is being expelled, but he 's not scheduled to return home to Manhattan until Wednesday, so he goes and visits his former history teacher who tries to give him academic advice.

-Holden later returns to his dormitory where he becomes annoyed by his un-hygienic neighbour, Ackley and by his own roommate, Stradlater who is on a date with a girl whom he used to date and who he is still in love with. Holden questions him intensively about trying to sleep with the girl, Jane Gallagher, whom he was
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He is very short tempered and doesn’t like to be argued with at any given time. Holden is a very opinionated character and it seems like he doesn’t understand how to differ between the right and wrong time to say inappropriate things to different people. Holden is a very complex character with many different feelings and lots of ambition which is visible from the start of the novel as soon as he plans to escapes to Manhattan by himself.

Holden has a very interesting personality, it might just be because of his age, but he also has a strange relation with the opposite sex and women which I find to not be explained during the course of the book. He is always thinking of a girl he used to like, but never truly explains why he still has feelings for this young girl.

Holden posses many characteristics at the beginning of the novel such as; hatred, ambition, and greed which by the end he begins to loose as he changes into a more understanding, passionate and caring individual. I believe that he makes such a drastic change in his life when his sister accepts him for who he is and shows him that even though he has made mistakes that she still loves him, changing his outlook on life and people in
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Salinger grew up in a Jewish family, who 's father, sol Salinger sold kosher cheese as a living. Salinger didn 't fit in at his local school so his parents enrolled him at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania where he began to write stories under his covers at night.

His writing continued as he got older and he began to submit several stories to the New Yorker paper which were all unfortunately rejected. In the Spring of 1942, during WWII several months after the United States had entered the war, Jerome had drafted into the war and was sent to fight in the 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. He was active at Utah Beach on D-Day, in the Battle of the Bulge, and the Battle of Hürtgen Forest.

After Germany 's defeat, Salinger signed up for a six-month period of "Denazification" duty in Germany for the Counterintelligence Corps. He lived in Weissenburg and, soon after, married Sylvia Welter. He brought her to the United States in April 1946, but the marriage fell apart after eight months and Sylvia returned to

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