Character Analysis : ' Ethan Frome ' Essay

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In Edith Warton’s novel, “Ethan Frome”, three main characters remorse over their mistakes they decide to make. Within the story three main characters, Ethan, Mattie, and Zenobia, are trapped under their own consequences. The setting for the story consistently takes place in a small isolated village called Starkfield. Ethan was a well-established man with a certain goal in mind. He is a tall handsome man and was well capable of working anywhere. However his weak-willed ambition lets people deter him away from his dream. He envisions of going to college and getting a job in florida. That could not be possible because of his father’s passing and his mother’s illness. Zenobia is another main character of the story and nursed Ethan’s mom because it became too severe for Ethan to deal with. Ethan quickly finds out that his relationship with Zenobia is falling apart which makes them distant between them. Ethan’s mood completely changes when Mattie starts to live with them. Mattie is Zenobia’s cousin who becomes recently an orphan. With the death of both her mother and father from illness, she has no money or a place to stay. Zenobia offers Mattie to live with her and Ethan but must work for her room and board. Ethan quickly makes a special connection with Mattie which brings them closer together. Zenobia quickly catches on to both of them and she makes it her plan to foil their relationship. This becomes the main conflict Ethan is suffering to accomplish. Edith Warton spefically…

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