Character Analysis : Edward Fairfax Rochester Essay

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Character Analysis: Edward Fairfax Rochester There are many characters in the novel Jane Eyre who all serve a common purpose. It is to impose numerous conflicts on Jane and to see how she reacts. The most important character for achieving this purpose is Edward Fairfax Rochester, because his actions in Jane Eyre must be kept in mind when understanding Jane’s decisions. One of Rochester’s major contribution to the novel is his admirable transformation from being selfish and idealistic to mature and accepting.
When Rochester originally plans to marry Jane, he is selfish and idealistic. His plans to use Jane for his own purposes is blinded by the idea that he loves her. When they are married, Rochester hopes to travel with Jane to all the places he “flew [through] half mad; with disgust, hate, and rage as [his] companions: now [he] shall revisit it healed and cleansed, with a very angel as [his] comforter” (Brontë 300). Initially, Rochester sees Jane as a vain opportunity to fix the past. Some of the mistakes he makes include when he married his insane wife or when he traveled to Europe on lustful conquests. This also displays how he would rather use a person to amend his sins instead of believing in God. Jane sees this, and despite his resistance, she urges him to “trust in God and [himself]... [and to] live sinless” (Brontë 364). Rochester’s selfish purpose for marrying Jane also causes him to be idealistic about who she really is. Even though Jane is not particularly…

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