Essay on Chapter Six From Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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In chapter six From Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass , Douglass focuses on how slavery has affected not just the slaves, but also the slave-owners themselves. In addition, he explains how slavery changes people behaviors. Also, he talks about women. He analyze White women in general and then talks about Sophia specifically. He think that all people are victims in slavery, but they are different in the degree of suffering. Douglass was thrilled with his mistress when their first meeting. He is surprised by the kindness of his new mistress, Sophia Auld. She has never owned a slave before and she does not realize how cruel the institution of slavery is. Douglass is confused by her. Not like any other white women, she does not give any comment on his subservience and she seems not bothered by him looking directly at her eyes and does not punish him for doing that. Unfortunately, her kindness does not last for long, because after some time, the evil of slaveholding reaches Sophia 's soul too. Her kind-heartedness chances to brutality, and she is horribly changed as a person. When Douglass first arrives to live with his new master and mistress, Sophia decides to teach him the alphabet and small words. However, When Hugh Auld recognizes what she is doing, he commands her to stop instructing Douglass immediately, explaining that education could ruin slaves, making them unhappy and unmanageable. Therefore, to maintain…

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