Chapter Notes On The Mission Essay

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CHAPTER 1 – THE MISSION ‘That’s it, a little higher. Lift it, and you’ll be free,’ Uriel whispered to the rDarius. “What are you doing?” The rDarius lifted the latch and burst through the cage door just as the Warden arrived. The truth would get her beaten, and as a slave, she also couldn’t lie. So Uriel said nothing. She silently watched the rDarius circle up and escape through a high window. If only it were that easy. Uriel could grow wings and take to the sky whenever she pleased. But at the edge of the compound, she’d be thrown back, kept inside. She knew—she’d tried it many times before, looking for a hole, any escape. But no. For her, it was not that easy. It was impossible. The Warden rolled her eyes. “I’ll just get another bird. Please. Do you think that makes one wit of difference?” The Warden shook her head. “Foolish girl. I do not understand how stubborn you Renkari can be. No matter. I’ve summoned you, because Tristan is dead.” She paused for a moment to appreciate the color draining from Uriel’s face. “Her tasks fall to you now.” Uriel felt her throat tighten. Don’t, she thought. Just Don’t let it. Tristan had been a spy for the Warden’s, just as Uriel was. What had happened? And if Tristan had failed, why would they think that Uriel…

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