Changes Of An Organization At A Corporation Essay

757 Words Nov 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Change in an organization can be very rewarding and gives an association the opportunity to grow if change is implemented in the right way. Alterations allow an organization to stay competitive, to challenge the competition and to satisfy customer needs. Implementing changes may present many challenges to a corporation. Changes are especially challenging to an organization if most of their employees do not believe in the company’s process or simply because they do not care. This can cause an institute to lose its supporters, its trust and its ability to profit. In this type of situation, it is up to the managers or leaders to step in, in order to influence and provide guidance for all employees. Ensuring that everyone is onboard with the proposed actions and enabling the process to run smoothly. This could also be a positive change if everyone is onboard—including managers, leaders, employees and their customers. In this scenario, the organization is able to grow and not experience setbacks. Changes that may be needed or that can have an impact on a federation’s success can include both internal and external changes. To distinguish between the two types of changes, internal conflicts are conflicts within a company that allow trained leaders, employees or managers to understand the complication and oversee the resolution. The managers that are selected may have specialized training in organizationally mandated behavior and can help guide and advise the adaption or resolution…

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