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Land Use in Pinchot
Latonia Ross
SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Jeff Kingsbury
April 16, 2012


In the lab questions below, report your answers in the format of a scientific report: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions and management recommendations. Click here for a tip sheet about writing scientific reports.

1. What is the question that this study aimed to answer? State the hypothesis that you tested. This study aims to answer the question of whether 25%, 50%, OR 75% fragmentation will be sustainable for Pinchot’s forest in terms of sustaining its biodiversity and ecosystem services. It is hypothesized that neither 50% nor 75% fragmentation will protect the
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My research supports my acceptance of my hypothesis. The results changed drastically the more the fragmentation increased the more effect it had on the Wolves ability to survive and the more the SFG appeared to take over.

4. Did you observe any thresholds of fragmentation beyond which a species’ population number rapidly declined (here, an example of a threshold would be if one or more species’ population numbers remained relatively constant at 0% and 25% fragmentation, but then suddenly fell dramatically at 50% or 75% fragmentation)? Did the effects of any such threshold on one species cascade through the community to impact other species? Explain, using specific examples from your data. The Wolves remained somewhat stable between 0-25percent, however at 50% the Wolves survival rate drop by 50% (drop from 416 to 235) and then at 75% wolves were extinct (drop from 235 to 5). While the higher, the fragmentation rose its negative impact on the Wolves caused the spiny grass to grow at startling rates (started at 376 with 0% fragmentation to grow to 10,114 by the time the fragmentation reached 75%). The more the SFG grew it took over the species of Blue grass (Bluegrass started at 8778 at 0% by the time I reached 75% fragmentation it drop to 811). However, the Elk survival rate and growth continued to improve as the SFG dominated the forest. 5. What were the impacts of competition on each species? Each species found it

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